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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sick and Single

I hate being sick as a grown up.  It's really only a welcome burden if you get to miss school because of it.  As a grown up you pretty much still have to go about your business.  As a single grown up you have to go about your business and take care of your own damn self.  (Not that my ex-husband was ever very useful when I was sick and married.  First sign of a sniffle and off he ran to the hangar for the day.  Of course, when he was dare I even think of doing anything other than wait on him hand and foot.  Men are such babies.)

I very rarely take any kind of drugs to relieve pain but today I had to go to work with a fever (I wish the cure was more cowbell).  My friend who is a nurse recommended that I take three Motrin.  I definitely wouldn't have gotten through the day if I hadn't taken them, but boy did I feel weird.  It was like I was either drunk or on a major caffeine high.  My body was like, "I'm tired and achy and hot and my throat hurts."  And my brain was like, "Nah, you're fine.  Why don't you go run up and down a hill in the rain or something?"

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