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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nonline dating: Fun for all ages

The majority of the men who email me, "wink" at me, or "want to meet" me are either 10 years younger or at least 15 years older than me.  Where are all the single men in their 30's?  I asked a friend this once and she said, "They're at home with their wives and kids."  Good point.  I guess I'm stuck with scooby snacks and sugar daddies minus the sugar.

Dear (username), you’re only 18, but when I saw the picture of you in your high school football uniform and read “I like to hang out with friends, play sports and sports and women, it is fun when you go out and relax in my mind!”  I thought, wow, we have so much in common!  Age really is just a number.  I’ll put on my high school cheerleading uniform and we’ll be, like, the coolest kids in school!
Dear (username), maybe girls your age think it’s charming that your profession is “LOVING girls”.  I, however, think you must be either drunk or stupid to write that.  And it says you don’t drink.  Sooooo…you do the math 

Dear (username), you’re 20 years older than me.  are you looking for a date or a daughter?

Dear (username), your casual chatter about my nice smile and how your sis also lives in Chino Hills does not distract me from the fact that you are 50. 

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