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Friday, August 3, 2012

Dumb Detox, Day 2

Oatmeal was better today.  I added a teeny bit of vanilla rice milk and heated the bananas in the oatmeal so they got all mushy.  I'm calling it cinnamon banana oatmeal deluxe.  I'm sure no one has ever thought of doing that.  I'm so creative.  I could totally be a chef.

Apparently my hummus and rice cracker lunch wasn't enough to keep the cranky down.  I was ranting about a customer to three of my coworkers when suddenly one interrupts me and says to the other two, "Wait a minute - just so everybody knows - she's detoxing!"  It was hilarious.

Added chicken to the pasta and beans tonight.  It was good but it wasn't cheese.  Throughout my entire meal I had to make a conscious effort to believe I didn't want cheese.  But I did.  A whole lot.  I think alcohol may not be the hardest thing for me to go without for 28 days.  I think it might be cheese. 

Oh yeah, tried Trader Joe's almond butter with flax seeds.  After stirring it for what seemed like half an hour, and getting a much-needed arm workout, I discovered it was quite delicious!  But I don't get why it's better for me than peanut butter.  Same amount of calories per serving, same amount of fat, same everything!  What do they got that peanuts ain't got (besides courage)?

The courage remark was a reference to the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.  And the answer to my question was that peanuts cause inflammation...which results from white blood cells dying off to heal the body...which are needed to defend the body from toxins...which explains the point of a dumb detox.  See how things come round full circle?

2 down, 26 to go!

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