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Monday, August 15, 2011

Chapter 10, or Everything's falling apart! (Part 3)

Previously on Chapter 10...

Something about plumbing and how am I supposed to relax and do nothing if I can't recline!  (If that doesn't make sense, you need to read Chapter 10, parts 1 and 2.)

I had three TV’s.  They were all old.  By old I mean not flat screen.   One day my 55” crapped out and my 27” just kind of died.  I went to Best Buy and bought two new TV’s.  Unfortunately, since I didn’t have a truck anymore, they didn’t fit in my car and I couldn’t bring them home that day.  I had to wait almost a week for them to be delivered!  It was painful.  When my TV’s arrived I got right down to business.  I had bought a 37” to replace the 27” and I started with that one.  I followed the instructions for putting on the stand and it was surprisingly easy.  Then I had to hook the TV up to my DVR box.  I totally did it all by myself, and it, too, was surprisingly easy.  Then I followed the instructions for making the TV receive all the channels I pay for.  (It would’ve been nice if I could’ve just plugged it into the DVR box and it figured it out all by itself but whatever, I guess I can push a few buttons and do it myself.I had never hooked up a TV before so I was extremely proud of myself.  I even programmed my remote to work the TV, DVR and DVD player.  Damn I’m good. 
I thought the 52” was going to be more work but, no, it was just heavier (when it comes to TVs size matters, so I was very sad to downsize from the 55”.  However, I had done a lot of penis upgrading in the last couple months so I suppose it all evened out).  I heaved it up on the coffee table, because I’m totally buff, and went through the same process as the other TV.  And then I enjoyed some super awesome HDTV.  There was a certain amount of extra pride and joy in this process because I made all the decisions myself.  I chose to buy new TVs instead of trying to have the old ones fixed.  I chose which TVs I wanted to buy.  I didn’t have to compromise with The Ex’s lame choices (and they would’ve been lame).  And while at times I wanted to cry because I had to do it all by myself; in the end I just wanted to celebrate my accomplishment.

  My Internet was down.  Whenever my Internet went down before, The Ex would fix it somehow.  I didn’t know how he did it, so naturally I started to freak out.  How was I going to check my email?  I took a few breaths, and remembered that the thing that gave us Internet (I didn’t even know what that thing was called) was downstairs connected to a computer that we hooked up to the TV so we could illegally download movies (and when I say “we”, I mean “him”.  I don’t even know how to do that, arrest him).  And that reminded me that I had a wireless adapter on my computer.  So I checked my wireless adapter and it was bent.  Hmm.  I didn’t think it was supposed to be bent. 
This is how I reacted:  WHAT DO I DO NOW!!  HOW DO I GET INTERNET??  WHO DO I CALL TO FIX THIS??  Tears.  Dramatic helplessness.  I decided to call Best Buy and they said I probably just needed a new wireless adapter.  Well, that seems really simple.  I wonder why I freaked out and cried?  I went to Staples and got a new adapter (sorry Best Buy, but I did buy my TVs from you), brought it home and stuck it in the computer.  Yay, Internet!  When it was all done it seemed like it was no big deal, but seriously during the process I felt like the walls were crashing in on me.  Thank goodness the walls didn’t crash in on me, who would I call to fix that? 
I was mad at The Ex again for leaving and making me have to take care of things.  I was mad at myself for not knowing how to take care of things.  And then, yet again, I was extremely proud of myself for having figured it out and fixed it.  I was starting to feel like I really could take care of myself.  And that’s not something I ever thought I would have to realize.

To be continued...

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  1. Be strong, be proud. Now that you have internet again, you can find out how to do most everything!