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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chapter 22, or 21/31/35 and no, those are not my measurements...part 3 of 5

               **Be sure to read part 1 & 2 first**

           The highlight of the trip was the part I like to call “Crashing the Aussie Wedding”.  A couple days after we arrived we noticed a large group of men playing some foreign sport.  We decided it was Cricket because my sister said there was a group of Australians staying at the villas for a wedding.  My Aunt said, “Jen, you should go over there and talk to them.  Ask them what they’re playing.  Get yourself an Aussie!”  Then she straightened my dress, fluffed my hair, handed me a Mai Tai and sent me off while my Uncle started singing, “She’s going oooutbaaack tonight!”
            I walked towards them casually and asked the nearest guy, “So, what is this game?” and gestured towards the players (I totally knew what game it was).  In an Australian accent (I was going to say a sexy Australian accent, but realized that would be redundant) he said, “It’s Cricket.” 
            At that moment a few other guys noticed me and one said, “Come on over and play!” 
            I said, “Can I play in a dress?” 
            The guy said, “No, you’ll have to take it off!” 
            I laughed adorably and they told me to come on over.  When I joined them, I realized they were all a bunch of fifty-yard fake outs.  Not a hot one among them.  Well, maybe that one guy over there was kind of hot but he was the only one not talking to me.
            A very Polite Aussie offered me a drink, then introduced me to everyone and explained who they were (the groom to be, his brother, their cousin, etc.), I noticed there were no women around. 
            I asked Polite Aussie, “Where are the women?” 
            He said, “Women aren’t allowed to play Cricket.  It’s a man’s game.” 
            I said, “But you invited me to play.” 
            And he said, “That was just to get you over here.” 
            Well played, Aussie.  Well played.
            I don’t know how many games of Cricket they played or if it was just one really long one, but I had been there for a long time when Polite Aussie and his Irish friend told me I should come to the wedding the next day.  I wasn’t sure if they were serious but I said, “Maybe I will!”
            The next day, Rochelle decided to continue her birthday celebration at Turtle Bay.  Her friend Jade came too, and we spent most of the afternoon laying by the pool or floating in it.  (Yes, I prefer the pool to the beach because I don’t like to get sand in my crevices.)  After I was sufficiently browned I left the girls at the pool to take a shower and wash my hair.  (I wanted to be beautified for the wedding.)  Before I left, I noticed one of the Aussies standing on his balcony.  It was the kind of hot one that had not talked to me yesterday.  I waved and said hello and introduced him to Rochelle and Jade and then I went inside.  A little while later they came in and told me he had invited them to the wedding, too.  Oh, we were going to have so much fun!

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