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Monday, January 9, 2012

I dream of meanie...again

I had another dream about The Ex last night.  I haven't dreamt about him in forever and then I have two in one month.  Weird!  I'm a little worried about my cats that he got in the divorce.  (I've been told by good friends that I'm not allowed to ask him about the cats, though.)

     So, what happened was, we were at some picnic type function.  I have no idea why.  We were at a table talking, mostly civilly.  Then we were standing by a parking lot (things tend to jump around without rhyme or reason in my dreams) and he was on the phone with his mom.  I asked how she was.
     He said, "You know her, she's not like us."
     I became mildly appalled and said, "She's not like me.  She's exactly like you.  Or, you're exactly like her.  She left her family, you left yours."
     Then he was back at the picnic table and I walked up to him and said, "Just tell me.  Enough time has passed.  How many months were you sleeping with her [meaning the woman he left me for, not his mom] before you left me?  How long?"  He stumbled and mumbled so I asked again, "Just tell me how long --"
     "It started fall of 2002," he finally blurted out.
     I was speechless for a moment (it happens in dreams).  Then I said, "We got married in 2001!"  He only nodded.  "Why did you even marry me?"  He had no answer.
     Well, naturally, I went all around this picnic thing telling everyone that he was sleeping with her for six years!  He was sleeping with her for SIX YEARS!  Men, women, children, it didn't matter.  I told everyone.  Then I saw him sneaking away to his truck and he was on the phone.  I heard him say, "heeeyy" in the sexy, romantic way he used to say to me, followed by, "I can't wait to get home," and if it's possible, I lost it even more.
     "Is that your whore?!  Say hi to your whore for me!  Say hiiii, whoooore!"
     I followed him to his truck screaming the word whore at them the whole way until he finally drove off.  Then I woke up.

     For a second, right when I woke up, I actually thought it was real.  You know that feeling when a bad dream turns back into just a dream and a bit of relief washes over you?  That happened.  And then I laughed a little bit.  The whole thing was very sitcom-esque.  But, I mean, let's be real.  In real life, in the proper emotional (and when I say emotional, I mean drunken) moment, I probably wouldn't put any of it past me.

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