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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Twilight of my life

I thought I had a very thick, icy, vampire strong layer of protection around my heart so as to prevent me from letting it get broken again.  And then I met someone whose most perfect perfection melted the thick ice, and the whirlwind movie style romantical scrumtrulescense of it all broke down the vampire strong layer of protection.  Once my heart was exposed, my brain no longer had a say in my actions.  I dove right in, junior high style, to the Edward and Bella-ness that it was and just…let it.

And that poor unprotected heart of mine got broken.  So now, it feels like the part of New Moon where Edward leaves because it’s the right thing to do (or whatever stupid thing) and Bella is just floating through life in a pool of misery.

It’s been a while since I shared some of my awful poetry from high school.  There is one particularly fitting to the sad patheticosity (spell check had no spelling suggestions for that word.  I feel like that’s a win for me) of how I am feeling right now.  Feel free to laugh and cry.  It’s a real gem.

Between Now and Forever

Somewhere in your head
You’ll hear me laughing
And somewhere in your mind
You’ll see me smile
And somewhere when you’re
Walking down the street
You’ll think I’m there
Because you’ll feel my presence
Near you for a while

Sometime in the night
The wind won’t whistle
And sometime in a park
The birds won’t sing
And sometime in this silence
You’ll remember who I was
Because that voice of mine
Inside your head will ring

Somewhere down the road
Nights will be lonely
And somewhere down the line
You will feel down
Because you’ll feel like something
From your life is missing
And you’ll realize
You’re needing me around

Sometime in a dream
You will kiss me
And sometime in a dream
You’ll hold me tight
And then you will awaken
With a sadness you can’t bear
Because you’ll feel a painful
Emptiness inside

Somewhere in this sometime
You will miss me
And sometime in this somewhere
Won’t be never
And when it happens you won’t know
Just how much time has passed
But it will be somewhere
Between now and forever

And I’ll be waiting between now and forever

I told you it was a gem, did I not?  I think it could easily be a country song.

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